BVFD Fire Board

The Board of Directors is the elected policy-making body for the Bouse Volunteer Fire Protection District. The Board of Directors provide financial oversight and strategic policy direction to maximize the public value of District services. If a position is vacant, any resident of the District can run for a Board seat.

Chairperson – David Boyer
Clerk – Randy Danenberg
Board Member – John Newman

Interested persons are invited to attend and participate. You are allowed to address the Board on any agenda item at the time of its discussion. You can also bring up items not included on the agenda during the “Public Comment” portion of the meeting. No action can be taken by Board members on these items at that meeting. If lengthy discussion or action is necessary, the item may be placed on a future agenda. This comment is provided by the Brown Act Open Meeting Law (Gov. Code 54950 et seq.).

The Fire Board meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 12 pm (noon).

Location: 44079 Plomosa Rd. Bouse AZ 85235 (across the sidewalk from the clinic)

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